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Our services

Application advice

What challenges are you facing? In a personal meeting, we analyze your application with you and advise you on technical, production-optimized and commercial solution options.


Benefit from our expertise in wire harness design as well as in consulting specific interfaces in the field of metal and plastic components.

Sample service

Does our solution meet your expectations? A wire harness is largely manufactured manually despite a large number of automatic processes. Therefore, we are happy to produce your special release sample or prototypes in advance for coordination.

Procurement / Material Management

How can your complex product be realized? Trust in our worldwide network: Due to our distribution experience and long-standing manufacturer contacts in the field of electromechanics, we realize the procurement and warehousing of your components for you and are able to advise you regarding reasonable alternatives as well as allocation management.


What technology do you need? With our broad spectrum in the production of wire harnesses and assemblies, we offer you manual assembly, semi-automatic production as well as full automation. In doing so, we combine the following techniques under one roof:
■ Crimp technology
■ Splicing technology
■ Shrink technology
■ Soldering technology
■ Pressing technology
■ Assembly technology
■ Marking technology
■ Potting 1K / 2K
■ Low-pressure casting (HotMelt)

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Quality assurance / certifications

■ DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
■ DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
■ UL Wiring Harness E-File E317941
■ UL Processed Wire E-File E338687
■ Pull-off test DIN EN 60352-2
■ Micrograph laboratory
■ 100 % testing (optical / electrical)
■ Initial sample test report

Packing & Logistics

■ AEO certified
■ Customized packaging
■ Individual printing / labeling